My Imaginary Wall

I told myself that I’d write a post at least once a week. However, each time I start, my mind goes blank. Why is it, every time we commit ourselves to something, a wall rises up? How can I get past it? Should I climb over it? Dig under it? Crash through it? Or just simply walk away?

Climbing over seems like a lot of work, not to mention the exhaustion. Digging sounds like fun but would take too long, and crashing through it…well, it’s a wall!! So I do what any sensible person would do, I walk away… but not for good. When I’m ready, when I’m not feeling as pressured, when I can breath again, I return and, amazingly enough, either it’s gone or has gotten small enough for me to go through it, over it, or around it.

We all experience our “walls” at some time to different degrees. They are usually of our own creation and we are the only ones that can make them disappear, or make them more surmountable. The trick is not to give up! If it’s still too hard, allow yourself to take a deep breath, to give yourself a break and to reach out to someone else. Our life’s journey is always better walking with a friend.

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