This past week I have been to the Mall of America at least 3 times. For the uninitiated, the Mall of America is the largest mall in the United States and the second largest mall in North America. With 4.2 million square feet and over 520 retail stores, a trip to this mall isn’t a walk in the park. Yesterday, my daughter and I went looking for much needed skirts and a wedding gift for a friend. We had a plan and knew exactly which stores to go to. We were at the mall for 2 hours and though we didn’t find any skirts, we did find some shirts and the perfect wedding gift. I considered the trip a success.

We all have needs and desires. How many of us take the time to plan for them or to put thought in to them? Many of us go through life just living and hoping that things work out, or worse, panicking when we are overwhelmed. There is a better way. I’m not saying that everything we do needs planning, but we would save ourselves much time and headache by being more mindful of the major things in our lives. Having a plan helps, being open to the possibility of changing it, allows us the freedom to trust ourselves. Like our trip to the mall, we had a plan, we allowed ourselves room for interpretation and we came home satisfied.

By setting goals for ourselves and using tools to help us attain those goals, our lives become clearer and richer for it.

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