What Do We Do When Our Plans Change?

I am very comfortable being a wife and a mother, a career I conscienciously chose and am grateful for. The year my youngest was old enough to go to school for the whole day put me in a whole new mindset. After the first initial “shock” of our being apart, I was in heaven. At least for the first couple of weeks. So much ME time! It got me thinking though. What do I do with my time now and who am I really? For years my being was defined solely by what I did. I was my husband’s wife, my children’s mother. The me was still there but I was in the background. My needs were secondary to everyone elses and of course that was okay.

Let’s fast forward to the present. Having all my children in school has given me more time to pursue my dream of being a life coach. In the process I’m making some great new friends  and learning a lot along the way. I am learning to make goals for myself. I am learning how to forgive myself when I don’t progress the way I think I should. I am learning to cherish each day and be happy with the outcome even when the outcome is not how I planned.

As important as it is to make goals for ourselves, it is equally important to allow ourselves the flexiblity of changing those goals or extending them. I spent the last month with my children and grandchildren in California. My goal was to keep to my daily schedule of working on my business, in addition to being present for everyone!… Okay…got it. There were too many other things to do and too many little people wanting my hugs and kisses. So I did what any good mother would do, I freely gave those hugs and kisses and let go of everything else.

It’s not that my goals changed, it’s that my real goals made themselves known. I left for California thinking that my goal for the month was to work daily on my coaching, but the true goal had been to enjoy my children and grandchildren. As soon as I “saw” that, everything fell into place and became easy. I let go of the struggle and embraced everything.

There are many times in your life when “things” seemingly get in the way. You’re given a new project at work, even though you’re not finished with the one you’re working on, your child came down with a cold and you have to cancel your plans in order to stay home with them, you go away on a trip and none of your carefully made plans work out…what do you do? You allow yourself to change with the circumstances and know that at the right time and with a bit of organization, you succeed in whatever it is you truly want.