Why We Need A Mentor

Every person needs a mentor. And that mentor needs a mentor. And that mentor as well–nobody pulls himself up by tugging at his own hair.

Go out and find yourself someone you can rely on for advice and counsel, someone who understands you and whom you can trust and respect. If that person turns you down, insist and persist.

Don’t wait to become a student. Be proactive and make someone into your teacher.

Tzvi Friedman: Chabad.org

2 thoughts on “Why We Need A Mentor

  1. How complex, basic and true this is. I’ve had a coach for a year now and she has helped me to become a better and more peaceful person. A coach inspires you to take something from every situation – happy or sad – and then to apply it to what is going on in your life in a positive way. A coach helps you to open your eyes and see what’s right in front of you. Something we do not find the time to do because we are too busy running through life. Not to get a coach is to sell your life short. Get a coach! Enjoy and fulfill your life!

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