About Life Coaching

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.“

~Mark Twain

What is Life Coaching and how does it work?

The core of the creative process, which includes decision-making, is about trusting ourselves by learning to listen to our inner selves.

We are all artists: our life is our art. Sometimes, when we are very lucky, what we want comes effortlessly. Other times, we need a spark of motivation to keep us running, a helping hand to make our goals more easily attainable. This is the role a professional life coach plays.

A life coach works with you to help move you from the place you are now to the place you’d like to be. It is a partnership between you and your coach, to empower you to grow, to expand and to step forward into your dreams with confidence. Imagine having help behind the scenes to organize “the clutter of the mind” by giving you the tools to boost your self confidence. This process is based on the coach asking you pertinent questions, helping you stay accountable, and giving you that loving little kick in the butt to keep you progressing towards you goals.

What are the benefits of working with a coach?

• Clarify personal goals with clarity, so that you can start attaining them.
• Gain the ability to identify and eliminate the barriers that have been keeping you from achieving your goals.
• Progress on your journey steadily and without any stumbling blocks because you are taking clear “baby steps”.
• Advance more easily towards your goals because you know there is someone right by your side.
• Gain confidence as you see everything coming together.

What have others said about their coaching experience with BatSheva?

“In just 2 meetings BatSheva guided me in resolving a relationship conflict. In our first meeting she fully listened to my story, then cut right to the chase and helped me lay out a plan of action that was tailored to my particular needs. In the second meeting we reviewed my actions and emotions around the issue. BatSheva has a warm and intimate presence. I felt an immediate connection with her and trust her like a sister. I will seek her counsel again when I start my own business.”
–Mary Lynch, Highland Park, St. Paul, MN

“BatSheva really helped me get over a period of floundering and get to the next level. Her listening skills are amazing even to the smallest details. She was able to get to the essence of what was going on. Thanks so much!”
— Goldie, Jerusalem, Israel

“BatSheva is a great listener. She reflected back to me what she was hearing and what it sounded as if I needed. When we had reached agreement on what I wanted to achieve—more order and focus in my life so that I could really get somewhere—Batsheva helped me come up with clear, simple targets that would allow me to move towards my goals. When we started talking, I told her that I felt frustrated and hopeless. When we finished, I felt clear, more relaxed, and hopeful. I had a plan to help me put my time and energy in the most promising, productive directions. I am so grateful for Batsheva’s excellent coaching.”
–Claire Buchwald, Ph.D., Director of FOCUS

“BatSheva is a highly intuitive and very personable coach. Her warm and caring style instantly put me at ease and made the coaching experience very enjoyable.  BatSheva’s ability to listen and give me the space I needed was instrumental in helping me find the answers I was seeking.  After just one session, I had much greater clarity about the issue at hand, and was able to move forward in a positive direction. I highly recommend BatSheva to anyone seeking a coach!”                                                                                                  Julie Fischer, Discovery Coaching, Colorado Springs CO