About BatSheva

It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else – Erma Bombeck

I have been and am a searcher, a student, a wife, a mother. For the last 30-plus years, I have been blessed in many ways. I am the mother of 10 amazing kids. Parenting, like life, is a constant work in progress.

Is any home big enough for 10 children? Thank G-d, we more than managed and felt comfortable. I learned how to declutter both my physical surroundings and my mental space. Too much clutter in either can be paralyzing.

As my children grew and moved away–, to school, to get married–, I started feeling the empty nest. I knew that if I didn’t learn to adjust, I would go nuts. So I adjusted. Change is always hard and always a bit scary. But being static is worse. Thus began my path towards another dream.

I have always dreamed of coaching. I consciously made my career as a full-time mother. As my children have grown, I have now had time to pursue my other dream. Life coaching is a perfect fit for me. Being a mother has taught me many things. I’ve learned to hear what’s not being said. I’ve learned to “see” on a more intuitive level. There are times when I love and laugh and then there are times that I’m so frustrated that all I want to do is either scream or hide myself in my room.  I have learned to embrace all of these feelings.

What I’ve discovered is that life is a process, a masterpiece evolving. We take the good and the not good and we learn from it all. Being open means being alive, and being alive brings great joy. We only have to open ourselves up to it. This is how I live my life, and how I like to share it.

I call my practice Deep Roots because, people, like trees, need strong roots to strengthen us and keep us grounded. As we work together, I will help you find those roots by giving you the tools that will help you to build on your strengths, so you are able to flourish and to branch out in areas of your choosing.