Counting My Blessings & Starting Anew

I was hacked! …and I’m thinking, “who dislikes Life Coaches so much that they’d want to ruin my site?” Well, it’s been tough starting over. All my blogs  add-on’s, and photos are gone from 2011 and part of 2012. We could only retrieve 2010! I’m grateful for this much, at least.

In the next few weeks, I’m planning on adding most of my lost blogs; I guess they aren’t really lost. I’ve been itching to write again. Putting thought and feeling on “paper” is healing for me and a way to give of myself. This whole hacking thing has taught me some amazing lessons.  We pick up the pieces, we move on, and in the process, we re-invent ourselves. “Life is not static; we are constantly evolving, rejuvenating and blooming.”

So here I go again! I’m just brimming over with life to share!





Unlocking the Key to Happiness

I’ve been away in San Diego for 3 weeks now with the family. Before leaving…I had big plans. No matter what, I’d stick to my schedule. Okay…maybe I’ll rethink that one…

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m having a great time; going to the beach, eating out, taking the train to various places, drinking Starbucks; spending quality time with my kids… relaxing, breathing…

…well, not quite. I’m not relaxing and I’m not breathing. I had big plans…and those plans are not fitting into my San Diego schedule. What about my big plans!

“Let them go for right now and just enjoy the place you’re in.” That’s my new mantra. Am I crazy? Am I giving up? No way! Right now I want to be totally present with where I am, and for me, that’s in San Diego with my family. I am allowing myself (giving myself the permission) to let go of my “big plans”. It’s good to learn to be flexible. I realized that not only was I NOT sticking to my big plans, but I was also NOT being present with my family.

We all have had experiences like mine at different times through our lives. The trick is learning how to let go, bend with it and be flexible. When we let go of our expectations and learn how to be present with the moment, life takes on a whole new positive look. Learning to let go and be flexible is the key to happiness. As soon as I let go of my expectations, my “big plans”, and allowed myself some flexiblity, I relaxed, took a breath and started enjoying myself.

Ask yourself, “Am I a flexible person or do I always have to feel in control?” If it’s the latter, spend a day letting go and see what happens. You just might like the results.